Frequently Asked Questions

What about alcohol?

  • You must get a Special Occasion Liquor License (from any BC Government Liquor Store) if you wish to serve alcohol. The License dictates quantities of alcohol that can be served. Check this link for more information: Information on Special Occasion Licenses.
  • Present the six digit License Number to the building manager before your event.
  • Renters planning to serve alcohol must purchase Event Liability Insurance including Liquor Liability Insurance in the amount of $2 million adding Heritage Hall as an Additional Insured. A copy of the renter’s Insurance Certificate must be provided to the building manager before your event.  SBC Insurance can provide you with this insurance or you can chose your own provider.
  • If you want a “real” bar, these can be rented from a Party Rental company. Heritage Hall uses tables for a bar. Tables can be set up in an “L” shape, a “U” shape or one table in front and one behind.

What size are the tables?

  • 28 three foot by six foot rectangular tables which can either seat six people (three on each side) or eight people (one person at each end).
  • 11 sixty inch round tables which seat eight people.
  • 10 thirty inch round cocktail tables with two choices of table height, either 30 inches high or 42 inches high.
  • 8 three foot by three foot square tables
  • We do not provide linen for the tables.

What about chairs?

  • 150 standard banquet chairs with padded seats and backs are provided. The chairs are burgundy red in colour.
  • We do not provide chair covers.

What's in the kitchen?

  • The 300 square foot serving kitchen includes a double size stainless steel fridge and an additional household size fridge with a small freezer, a large double sink, and three granite counter space work areas. There are several plug-ins with separate circuits.
  • one microwave, one full-size electric convection oven (with five 20 inch deep by 25 inch wide racks).
  • one 100 cup coffee urn which does not require filters and uses coarse or percolator grind coffee, one 30 cup hot water urn.
  • We do NOT have a stove.
  • We do NOT provide dishes, cutlery, glassware or linens.

When do we have to pay?

  • A $200 deposit is due at the time of booking. This deposit will hold your date and then becomes a damage deposit.
  • Your rental fee is due one month before your event. Do not deduct the $200 deposit from your rental fee. It is a damage deposit and is returned after your event minus any charges.

What should we do about the delivery and pick-up of rentals?

  • Heritage Hall cannot store your rentals. You are responsible for taking care of your own rentals. If possible have rentals delivered and picked up on the day of the event. Rentals are often delivered to the building lobby and picked up from the lobby. Rentals stored in the lobby are stored at your risk. Heritage Hall will not pay for lost or stolen rentals.
  • At the end of your event you must either remove and return the rentals or move them to the building lobby for next day pickup. Rentals must be stacked neatly against the lobby walls. Since this lobby is the office entrance, stairs, doors, or the elevator must not be blocked with rentals. Tell the rental company to pickup first thing in the morning. The building is open 8:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. On weekends, Heritage Hall staff is here until 9:00 am and can let rental companies in to pick up rentals.
  • Please discuss your rental situation with the building manager.

What time can we get in to set up?

  • Your access time is restricted to the hours you have paid for. Evening rentals start at 6 pm, daytime rentals start at 9 am. If you know you need several hours in the afternoon to set up, do not rent only for the evening. It is possible to add early entry time to your evening rental at a cost of $50/hour.
  • If you need earlier access you must work out details ahead of time with the building manager. Heritage Hall staff need the hours before 9 am to clean up after the night before.

What about decorating?

  • Decorations should be free-standing whenever possible.
  • We have provided a hook on each side of each pillar at about the 10 foot height. These are meant to be anchor points for your decorations or lights. Only green painter’s tape or string can be used to hang things. Decorations, including tape and string, must be removed at the conclusion of your event.
  • Nothing is ever to be attached or touching the mural. We can lend you a rod and drapes if you wish to cover the mural.
  • Nothing should be pinned or taped to the window drapes.
  • We have a six and an eight foot aluminum ladder for your use.
  • If you have special decorating needs consult the building manager.

What about candles?

  • There are two problems with candles: fire and melted wax.
  • We allow you to use tea lights in glass containers. No tapered or pillar candles are allowed.
  • Only LED candles are allowed on the window sills by the drapes.
  • Melted wax on any surfaces will result in cleaning charges.

What about parking?

  • There is no parking lot. Parking is on the street and is mostly not restricted to residents only. There is one reserved spot behind the building suitable for caterers or anyone else who has a lot of stuff to unload. There is two hour metered parking in front of the building on Main Street.

What our guests say about Heritage Hall

Thank you for all your help and advice to make our family event work so successfully. Your suggestions around seating plans and willingness and patience to review is very much appreciated. Our event was ‘the event’ of a lifetime and people loved the venue in every respect: wonderful